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How They Met

We met on the first day of college. Brian first noticed me when my family was helping me unload boxes from my car. He says it’s one of his most vivid memories. 3 months after that, we had our first conversation. We have been talking and together ever since.

The Happy Couple

BRIDE: Elaina Simpson
GROOM: Brian Simpson

The Proposal

In college, it’s tradition to hold a candle ceremony to announce the engagement of a house member. We have a house meeting, we pass around a candle, and the girl who blows it out is the one who is engaged. Then, she tells the story of how it happened and we celebrate. My husband used this tradition, but it had a plot twist. He proposed during the ceremony. All of the girls went to the ceremony having not a single clue who was engaged. As the candle was going around, once it got to me, Brian walked into the room and proposed to me in front of 52 of my closest, screaming friends.

Wedding Details

Wedding Date: May 28th, 2017
Location: Hamilton, Montana
Venue: The Daly Mansion
Photographer: Stella Kelsie Photography
Flowers: Bitterroot Flower Shop
Event Design: Autumn Kozimer
Catering: A Moveable Feast – Greek/Montana fusion
Cake: Ambrose-Barton and Brown – Pink Velvet, Second flavor Chocolate Espresso
Music: Big Sky Mudflaps
Bridal Shop: Maiden Voyage, St. Louis
Tux Rental:
Other Rentals: Oh So Chic Boutique, Hamilton Party Rentals

How They Chose Vendors

The Knot website has a lot of good recommendations. My wedding planner Autumn Kozimer, also knew the area really well and was able to tell me who she has worked with that she likes.

The Honeymoon

We spent a few nights in a Montana cabin and then went to Thailand with our family to celebrate.

Fondest Memory from the Big Day

My fondest memory was actually at our rehearsal. When we were walking down the aisle together to close out the ceremony rehearsal, 2 butterflies (unplanned) followed us down the aisle. It made everyone cry because my aunt had passed, and Brian’s dad passed on. We were really missing them that day. We of course didn’t think they were the butterflies, lol… but it was more of a moment where we knew they loved us.

What They’d Do Differently

I would have had a friend get me a piece of chocolate cake before it ran out! I also would have brought a make up touch up bag and would have had a bridesmaid carry it everywhere I went. I didn’t want to be a diva so I didn’t ask for anyone to do that, but I really wish I had some lipstick on during some of my pictures at the end of the night.

Best Advice

Yes! It’s YOUR wedding. You get to pick who is invited and how big or small it is. You cannot go into your wedding feeling nervous because of the large amount of people invited, or because you are nervous because you don’t know people. That’s not fun for you! If your parents are helping you with the wedding, thank them kindly and let them know that they can invite 1 person they want to be there, but everything else is all the couple’s decision. It’s YOUR day.

Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon

And they lived happily ever after...

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