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How They Met

We met at a friend’s bonfire four years prior. Clancy basically gave me his resume as we chatted during the following days while he helped me fix my car. I liked how he was so straightforward and helpful! One of his friends told me I should give him a chance. I’m glad I did!

The Happy Couple

BRIDE: Erika Lynn Scofield
GROOM: Clancy Alexander Mickelson

The Proposal

We both love to hunt. Clancy carried a beautiful Yogo sapphire and diamond ring the entire hunting season waiting to propose when I procured my first elk. Luck wasn’t on our side. On Thanksgiving day we trudged through feet of snow on top of a mountain range looking for elk although they were likely 1000′ below us in the tree line. At the highest point Clancy said he wanted to take a picture of us and the spectacular view. I was so excited because he never wants to take pictures! As we stood on that sunny peak with snow crystals dancing past our shins in the wind, he got down on one knee and held out a ring… I was so overwhelmingly happy I have no idea what he said! The photos he took were stunning and less messy then his original plan!

Wedding Details

Wedding Date: April 29th, 2017
Location: Stevensville, Montana
Venue: Stone Tower Estate
Photographer: Night Owl Imagery
Flowers: Caras Nursery and Albertsons
Event Design: N/A
Catering: Moose Creek BBQ – Pulled Pork and Drunken Chicken Dinner
Cake: Rosauers – Red Velvet with Huckleberry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting
Music: RMF Entertainment
Bridal Shop: N/A
Tux Rental: Rococco Bridal
Other Rentals: Tuxedo Gallery

How They Chose Vendors

We took awhile searching for a venue because we wanted something accessible for all of our family and friends but really wanted a natural feel to the settings. We came across the marvelous Stone Tower Estate, and it turns out I knew Peggy from years before! The venue was meant to be. I was grateful Peggy made suggestions about vendors who had done weddings there previously. We chose Moose Creek BBQ for their delicious meals and easy to work with personalities. RMF Entertainment was a fantastic choice to DJ. There online music form is easy to use and they were very professional with every aspect of their service. Most of all the DJ was fantastic at keeping a lively flow of events. I met Mae, from Night Owl Imagery, at the Missoula Wedding Fair and we just clicked! She produced beautiful images while being helpful and fun to work with!

The Honeymoon

Keeping with our proposal theme we are looking forward to a moose hunt! For us the ability to bond and challenge of depending on each other while out in the woods hunting is a profound part of our relationship. Plus, Clancy is too much of a busy body to sit on a beach and relax! So far our honeymoon moose hunt is still in the works, and the planning for it might take longer then the planning for the wedding!

Fondest Memory from the Big Day

My fondest memory was seeking out Clancy (before putting on the dress of course!) and sharing a few minutes alone in a secluded nook in the Stone Tower when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with getting everything ready. I hope those few minutes are indicative to our relationship: supportive, reassuring, and refreshing. After our one-on-one time I felt rejuvenated and thrilled to be walking down the garden aisle to my husband in a few short hours and celebrating our union. I’m not sure if I ever stopped smiling after that. The pictures certainly captured huge smiles and heartfelt laughter from Clancy and I the rest of the night.

What They’d Do Differently

I went into the big day with the attitude of I have accomplished everything I could to make this day enjoyable for everyone, so I’m not going to fret about how things could be different. Clancy wishes we would have invited more (than our 100) people. We could have worked with Peggy to do so, but kept our numbers at 100 so everyone would fit in the Stone Barn in case of inclement weather. A little extra planning could have produced options to ensure the comfort of more than 100 people at the venue in case of spring weather.

Best Advice

I suppose I have three elements which helped me during the wedding planning. Keep it simple, all the details will add up. If you try too hard to fit in as many details as possible, you and your helpers may become unnecessarily stressed on the big day. If you are feeling overwhelmed ask yourself: why are we going through this hectic planning process? Remember it’s simply about the two of you and your commitment you both are ready to make. All of the other details, wants, suggestions, or advice from friends and family are secondary. Sure, you want to make this day wonderful for everyone, but in the end it is about the two of you. I made a budget and sought out professionals who were familiar with the wedding process in order to minimize my burden of planning and executing the flow of events during our big day.

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And they lived happily ever after...

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