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How They Met

We met when we were freshman in high school. We both grew up in Park County and both were interested in Montana outdoor sports such as skiing, rafting, hiking, and more. We were just friends in high school but we were reunited a couple years after high school at a skiing event. We went on a couple of dates and the rest was history. We are excited for our future together as active, adventurous, Montanans.

The Happy Couple

BRIDE: Sarah Schwarz
GROOM: Dustin Schwarz

The Proposal

The proposal took place on a California road trip at Point Lobos state park. Dustin coordinated with a photographer in California to capture the moment. The morning of the proposal Sarah was ready to continue the trek down the coast, but Dustin was desperately trying to stall because the photographer wouldn’t be ready till late morning. After plenty of stalling and stressing Dustin secretly rendezvoused with the photographer while getting gas. After a short drive we arrived at the state park to find that they had closed the entrance to vehicles due to lack of parking. We instead parked on the highway and walked in with the photographers acting like tourists behind us. We walked about a mile into the state park to China Cove where Dustin got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him. Sarah said yes and was wondering who was taking so many pictures.

Wedding Details

Wedding Date: July 7th, 2017
Location: Livingston, Montana
Venue: Deep Creek Range
Photographer: Paige Griffith at Paige Marie Photography
Flowers: Eco Flowers and Karla Anderson
Event Design: Rustic/Vintage
Catering: Ambrosia Catering – Roasted chicken, baby red potatoes, veggies, fruit salad
Cake: Evie Senter – Multi flavored
Music: Joe’s DJ
Bridal Shop: Eskay Bridal
Tux Rental: N/A
Other Rentals: Montana Party Rentals

How They Chose Vendors

We, like many couples, wanted our wedding to be unique and meaningful to us. We both grew up in park county and were very passionate about getting married in the place we consider to be home. We decided on Deep Creek Range for many reasons. Not only does the venue have both indoor and outdoor options which was important for our outdoorsy lifestyle, the views from the venue are absolutely breathtaking. We were halfway between Sarah’s Childhood home in Gardiner and Dustin’s in Livingston and half way between the river and the mountain tops. Ambrosia Catering and Beauty and the Belief were vendors that made us feel completely at ease, those choices were a no-brainers. Our photographer was phenomenal. Paige made us feel comfortable, she was always helpful and available and took photos that speak for themselves. Her photos truly say a thousand words, our day will be unforgettable.

The Honeymoon

Dustin recently started a new job and was lucky enough to be granted time off for our wedding. We decided to wait until he has put some time in at his new job and until we have been able to save some money and vacation time for a trip. Hopefully we will be fortunate to go somewhere later on this year!

Fondest Memory from the Big Day

Sarah – All morning I was so nervous! I was afraid I’d trip and fall, or goof up my words, or pass out from the heat. None of those things happened, in fact the day was perfect. I had many favorite moments, here is just one. This happened just before the ceremony. Our ceremony was up on a hill to get there we had to climb up the hill just before the recession. I was clung to my dad’s arm and shaking with nerves as we hiked up. I wasn’t sure what to expect but when we got to the top everyone turned, looked at us with their heads tilted, and smiles beamed from their faces. At the end of the isle was my husband to be and behind him, the beautiful mountains that I call Home. I was surrounded by love in the most beautiful place on earth. Everyone we cared about that also cared about us traveled both near and far to be with us to support us and the life changing promise we were making. I could not wait to get down the isle and say “I do!” The love I felt melted all my fears.

What They’d Do Differently

We loved our day. If we could wish for it to last twice as long we would! It felt like it passed in a blink of an eye. But we know more time isn’t realistic. If we could change anything we would have hired a day of coordinator. We had a lot of help from friends and family to organize things and make the day go smoothly but looking back it would have been nice if everyone could have just enjoyed the day. We especially would have appreciated taking some additional stress off our parents by having someone to keep the wedding day events moving smoothly.

Best Advice

You can plan your wedding to a T. You can ensure you have thought of every detail, thought of every special touch, and planned your day down to the minute but there is no saying what the day will hold. Things may not go as planned or they could go better than planned you just can’t plan for everything all the time. No matter what, the day will happen. It will come and go and you may just have to roll with it. We were lucky and only had a few minor mishaps but no matter what, you have to enjoy the moment for what it is. This is a beautiful and meaningful day full of love. Love from your friends, family, and partner-that is what is important, that is what you will remember. Be flexible, don’t let the mishaps take you away from enjoying the moment, and focus on the love being shared between the people you care about most in the world. It is remarkable!

Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon

And they lived happily ever after...

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