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How They Met

We met for the first time as music students at the University of Montana, when we auditioned for choir. Our relationship truly blossomed, however, when I was run over by a bicyclist on the Oval, and Jesse helped me limp to my classes and to a Halloween party that evening. I knew he was the one when our coffee date downtown turned into two hours of walking along the Kim Williams trail. Jesse has been my pianist and hiking buddy ever since.

The Happy Couple

BRIDE: Claire
GROOM: Jesse

The Proposal

While we were studying music abroad in Austria, Jesse took me to Salzburg, the birthplace of my favorite composer, Mozart. Although we didn’t have the money for a ring right away, it was an incredibly meaningful place for two college sweethearts to declare their love.

Wedding Details

Wedding Date: May 14th, 2017
Venue: White Raven
Photographer: Night Owl Imagery
Flowers: Earth Within Flowers
Event Design: N/A
Catering: Montana BBQ
Cake: Crave Catering – Red Velvet and Vanilla with Additional Dessert Buffet
Music: Sound Creations
Bridal Shop: Rococo Bridal
Tux Rental: Men’s Warehouse
Other Rentals: None

How They Chose Vendors

We began by assessing our budget and prioritizing what parts of the wedding experience meant the most to us and our families. For us, that meant prioritizing our food and family experience, with comfortable family style seating, and having indoor options since it was a spring weddings. From there, we made a point to meet with the vendors whose work we liked from online research or emails. I found talking in person to vendors, with pre-established questions, did quite a lot for my peace of mind. By starting with a budget and researching vendors through local means, we made the process much less stressful.

Best Advice

We think it’s most important to communicate openly with one another (and with your families, if they are involved) regarding desires, budgetary commitments and scheduling issues. Begin by researching locally and online, and make communicating with vendors to find the best fit a priority. Also, establishing a schedule and game plan for the week before and the day of the wedding is incredibly helpful if you are planning yourself.

Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon

And they lived happily ever after...

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