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How They Met

Our mutual friends were dating and we quickly became friends through that. He always chased me and I was too scared to give him a chance. After two years of the best friendship I ever had, I decided he was too great not to risk giving us a chance. We have been together for almost seven years and they have been my favorite years. We got to know each other through a strong friendship bond first, and that friendship turned into a life lasting love. Now we are almost four months into marriage, have a puppy, and stay in on the weekends like an old married couple; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Happy Couple

BRIDE: Torie
GROOM: Thomas

The Proposal

I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. No really, like my love of reading (and English major from the University of Montana) stemmed from reading those books in second and third grade. My friends love Tom like an actual blood related brother, so when my best girlfriends and I decided to plan a trip to Harry Potter Land in LA, Tom was the only male worthy an invite. We went to HP Land on the third day, I made everyone get up at 5 am to get there early. He waited until 6pm that night and proposed in the photo booth Hogwarts Express so we got it all on professional camera. My two best friends were there to celebrate over a steak and champagne dinner immediately following. And we got to do one final ride through the castle with a ring on my finger.

Wedding Details

Wedding Date: August 23rd, 2017
Location: St. Ignatius, Montana
Venue: Rugged Horizon
Photographer: Marianne Wiest
Flowers: Bitterroot Floral
Event Design: N/A
Catering: Montana Q Bar-B-Que House
Cake: Bernices Bakery – Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Music: RMF Entertainment
Bridal Shop: Ania Bridal (Portland, Oregon)
Tux Rental: Tuxedo Gallery
Other Rentals: Oh So Chic Boutique (decor), East Gate Rentals (linens)

How They Chose Vendors

Tom and I have lived in Montana most of our lives; he in Missoula, me in Whitefish. So when we got engaged, we had relationships with some great people who were excited to not only be our vendors, but be able to stay and celebrate our marriage after the work was finished. We have always loved being around people, as a couple we are very social, so when we got to pick who would be involved, it was very exciting to go through the options! We’re fortunate to know some very talented people. Plus, those mountains and that barn, are you kidding me?!

The Honeymoon

Torie had a Kayak flight alert set for a ton of different places. One night we’d had a few drinks out and came home late. Torie got an alert that tickets to Paris were dirt cheap, so we made the best drunk decision ever and bought the tickets! We stayed in an airbnb in a hip area with easy routes to all the great places. We recently made a pact to go back on our ten year anniversary and eat at the same fabulous steak restaurant we ate at on our last night in Paris.

Fondest Memory from the Big Day

For me, it was standing up on the hill with my dad right before we walked down the aisle. I could see everyone and hear everything happening but they couldn’t see us. When Tom walked down the aisle the entire crowd cheered and clapped. My dad and I had never seen such a thing. It took about five minutes before I got to start walking, and my dad talked me through the entire thing and I could feel how happy he was for the life I was starting. I got to spend the last five minutes with the best man I’ve ever known before I got to marry my favorite person in the entire world. Tom says his favorite moment is

What They’d Do Differently

Start earlier so the fun could have lasted longer.

Best Advice

We know its stressful and overwhelming, but do your best to enjoy the moments. You only get to be stressed about planning your wedding once! Take your time and remember it’s your groom’s wedding, too, if he wants to be involved, listen. You are going to have enough people surrounding you on your big day who love you, everything will work itself out. Trust that your day will be amazing.

Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon
Brandon & Devon

And they lived happily ever after...

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